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FosterSpot brings animal shelters and rescue groups in need of fosters together with potential fosters. Members of the public register to receive alerts of pets in need of temporary foster homes.
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What is FosterSpot?

FosterSpot reduces the number of euthanized animals in the U.S. by creating a network of willing
and available foster homes to help with shelter overcrowding. The public is called upon to register as temporary foster parents. Registered fosters receive alerts about animals in need in their area. Shelters can reduce the number of animals they are directly caring for by listing animals on FosterSpot that are suitable for fostering by the public. FosterSpot simply creates the connection between potential fosters and shelters. Shelters have the flexibility to contact fosters who submit interest in listed animals and can proceed with any shelter-specific foster prerequisite filtering. Rescue organizations can also utilize FosterSpot to find foster homes for animals in need.

Can I Stay With You?

Coco needs a foster home
Ashton needs a foster home
Grace needs a foster home
Arnie needs a foster home
Guy needs a foster home
Ginger needs a foster home
Annabelle needs a foster home
Dahpne needs a foster home
Dizzy needs a foster home
Misty needs a foster home
Autumn needs a foster home
Outlaw needs a foster home

Animal Fostering

These animals are in need of temporary foster homes. Can you foster an animal for a few weeks? Register as a foster and notify the shelters of your interest in fostering one of their animals.
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